How To Travel During Lockdown

by jasmine nicole

after being in lockdown for a year, things are starting to open up in america. it’s no wonder people are itching to travel. transportation security administration, a U.S. department of homeland security agency, that allow passage through security screening in U.S. airports from march 18th, 2021 stated that travelers are up by ~200% compared to the same day in 2020.  

if you’re itching to get out of the house and take a vacation, i don’t blame you. after being in lockdown for over 7 months, i traveled to hawaii to celebrate my mom’s birthday. after getting tested before and after, i saw firsthand how it is possible to travel and be safe.

“Privilege comes in many forms, and the act of recognizing our travel-related ones have called us to think about traveling more intentionally and less often—if ever the world begins to look similar to its pre-pandemic days.”

Eulanda Osagiede

going into (hopefully) a post-covid world, it’s easy to see that travel is a privilege and it should be treated as such. here are my tips to traveling during lockdown, while keeping everyone safe, including yourself. 


the first step to planning a trip during a pandemic is research *everything*. you must know the restrictions for your own country and state, and the travel restrictions for the area you want to travel. 

you should know:

-pre-travel requirements

-potential quarentine(s) for your home area and your destination

-budget for travel with and without quarantine

this list comes from not knowing all of the rules when traveling to hawaii. i didn’t know i needed a test to travel in-between the islands and i was forced to quarantine. 

if you’re thinking, “wow, quarantine in hawaii! that doesn’t sound so bad!”

you’re wrong! 

you’re literally locked to your hotel room with the treat of having the cops called on you, along with a hefty fine if you don’t abide to the lockdown.

in other words, make sure you know the rules of travel and the risks of not following the rules. ignorance of the rules doesn’t stop you from being held accountable for it.


the cdc recommends getting tested 1-3 days before you fly. some states will require this test, including hawaii *at the time of this post (3/19/2021). in addition to the pre-flight test, the cdc says to get another test 3-5 days after travel.

some insurances will cover travel testing at 100%. take advantage and get tested before you fly. when you get back, get tested again. it helps you to do your own tracking. 

it was helpful to know that when i traveled to hawaii, i was negative before, i was negative during my trip, and i was negative after.


when you’re back from your trip, get tested and self-isolate. the cdc travel recommendations states to self-isolate/stay home for 7 days. this recommendation is in addition to getting tested after your trip.

traveling during a pandemic loses its carefree vibe that it had before 2020. since travel is a privilege, we have to consider the safety of ourselves and others. when covid-19 was introduced, it was easy to see that viruses can travel quickly. if after considering all the steps to traveling safely, it seems like too much work, it’s okay to stay home. it’s always an option to delay a trip, and travel when there’s less requirements.

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